Friday, 5 December 2014

Arabian Foal

Straight Egyptian Arabian foal, please adjust conformation to suit your needs or alter the strain. 
Coat colors not included.

CC Used :
No-Shine Foal Tail by Equus Sims

Sliders Used :  Horse Size, Neck Curve, Back Length, Tail Thickness, Forehead Width, Dished Face, Ear Curve, Bridge Location,  Quarter Height, Tail Set Height, Back Length, Butt Height,  Arabian Ears, Dressage Neck, MAS Draft Neck, Hoof Size.

Poses by Armagnac Fields.

Foal looks like this in CAS :

(includes Sims 3 Pack & .SIM File)


  1. I just needed a foal thank you =)

  2. Hey,I was wondering how I actually use this? Since if you go into premade sims it just shows adult templates.

    1. When you go in your sim bin just scroll through all of the sims without using any of the filters and the foal should show up.