Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Stolen Creations

It has been brought to my attention that there is a website that is downloading people's creations then uploading them to their own file-share hosts  instead of linking back to the creator. I really don't know what can be done about it but I'm very angry that they would do such a thing. Unfortunately I found that 2 of my own creations are on there - my Zebra & Unicorn. They actually left my name on the Unicorn. This has also been happening to many other creators & I want to say thanks to NyGirl who pointed this out on her own site otherwise I would never have known about it.

This is the site that is stealing peoples creations. :(


  1. Hi X-Tina, unfortunately this issue is the long continued, my recommendation is that you get in touch privately, commented on your disagreement.

    Do not miss these things, many websites those that do.

  2. Sorry to hear this. :( I simply cannot understand why they would go to the trouble of downloading someone else's creation and then re-upload it to mediafire or whatever they use and add it onto their site. I can only imagine that this would take a lot of work. There is no point?!

    I noticed they had your name on the Unicorn but not the Zebra. They could've at least linked back to you. People like this need to get a life. I'd be harassing them left right and center if I were you.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Yes I have actually left comments on my creations at that site but they have to be sent for approval before being posted. Obviously they are not going to put my comments on there! They have my e-mail address but I haven't heard anything back from them as yet & don't know if I ever will.

    I have heard that on some file hosts you can get paid by them if you let them display adverts each time someone downloads something but I don't know much about this, I'm wondering if that is why they are re-uploading them??

  4. Hi, just thought I'd post this in case anyone was interested in going through the trouble...

    First, I'd recommend contacting the web administrator for the sites you find and asking (politely) to have the content removed; you should provide links to your original content so you can prove its yours. If they are a reputable site, they typically will remove the content.

    Second, if after a week they ignore you, send a Cease and Desist letter to the administrator. You can Google for a pre-made one. This can usually creep people out enough to make them remove stuff.

    Third, if THAT doesn't work, look up their registrar information to find out who is hosting the website (for example, GoDaddy, x10, an ISP company, etc). Send THEM a Cease and Desist Order, with the web address of the offending site and proof that the works belong to you. Most hosts throttle or remove pages if you look 100% legitimate because they just don't want to deal with copyright arguments.

    1. Meant to add... :( Adding comments won't usually work, unless they are seen by a rare administrative mod. The person who stole your work won't actually care what you have to say, which is why you have to go over their heads.

  5. Everything on there is stolen *sigh* What happened to being proud of making your own content? What feeling do you get from STEALING? Lucky for them it isn't 'against the law' to copy sims 3 cc...if it was they would be in jail for a long time :) And the ironic thing is, that they put at the end of all their posts 'Copies Forbidden' um..hello? YOU already made copies xD

  6. because you do not ask for them to put credits
    because I believe they do this to see the Brazilians
    I am Brazilian and I enter this site every day
    did not know they were plagiarizing
    sorry for the inconvenience, sorry for my horrible english I'm using google translator to translate my message

  7. At the top of my site it clearly states 'Please do NOT re-upload any of my creations & claim them as your own, always link back to my site'.
    I have e-mailed the owner directly more than once and he has never replied, I do not have time for ignorant people like this. He is a thief and now he has a bad reputation within the Sims Community. I do not waste any more of my time looking at his site to see what other creations he has stolen.